Why The Nigerian Government Introduced NIN And The Powerful Security Behind It.

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Why The Nigerian Government Introduced NIN And The Powerful Security Behind It.

Why The Nigerian Government Introduced NIN And The Powerful Security Behind It.

Before we could proceed more further, NIN simply means “National Identification Number”, a figure which help them identify a citizen or am individual.

The NIN is gradually reducing the rate of crime in Nigeria, this is so because is has links from the bank, now applying to NIN which will definitely scale out scammers from their operations.

Even though, cyber crime can’t be totally erased in Nigeria, I will assure you that it will reduced the rate of crime by 80%, this involving in those money laundering from people will have less chances compare to now.


Many people may ask this question, but sincerity is what has actually kept me intact on internet till date. I will say that, after the NIN, crime will reduce, because most things now has to do with your real

self and identity which means you can’t by pass or even make calls now in Nigeria you don’t have NIN activated or attached to your line.

If a country crime can be reduce by 80%, there’s an assurance that country is gradually gaining a free heart from been scammed.

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Now the Nigerian government did not only came up with NIN just to stop citizens from been scam, but to as well make it difficult for anyone who has it in mind to feel reluctant about it.

The NIN sim security will stop a lots of people from commiting crime, you have you details linked to your bank and bank will pass out a direction identification number known as BVN, that’s what the government will use in creating your second security known as NIN, linked to your Sim.

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Now the possibility is that, you bank and sim has one name or details which first of all identify you as Nigerian, then secondly show you are legit and does not involve in a criminal activity in the country.

Nigerian government even without anyone rating them, has automatically call off 80% or deadly scamming issues in the country, and this also has help many people to have rest and safe of mind from been scam.

Most scammer’s as investigated recently in the country, uses phone calls and internet in scamming victims, and well all knows that, this has to do with them making use of sim card to carry out this activities.

In other to take of at least 80% of the crime from the country, government came with the Idea of NIN, which will help schech out those involved in this deadly games of scamming people off there hard earn life savings.


Why The Nigerian Government Introduced NIN And The Powerful Security Behind It.

Currently no, the government oder all communication companies in the state of country to stop the selling of sim card, so they can be able to help those citizens having sim card to link their NIN with their Sims.

Presently in the country no one of this communication company is violating the rules. This companies are under 24 hours watch hours of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria to make sure they all follow the rules attached with it.

If I can say, I will tell you it always a nice idea for the people of the country to receive this best offer from the government. In most countries, crime has been their major fight, like I said it can’t e total remove but at least reduce by 80% of it off from the country.

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At least by 80% of most crimes done in the country using fake register Sim has been stop, most of those people are very afriad using their real identity, this means the government is overcoming little by little.

Internet is an widely outrange that help everyone get connected, but as we are currently discussing, a lots of those cyber crimes done on the net has reduced and this is one of the Nigerian government target in 2021.

The process started in 2020, making the citizen to be aware of this. Millions of Nigerians has done the NIN, and for those who haven’t done it, they are have granted more time to carry out the this process due to their daily activities and the rest.


NIN is digit that identify a country citizen from foreigners and is total free. The Nigerian government has made and open speech about this, saying the NIN procedure on how to get it done is totally free, you can report anyone who feel this government property.

NIN can’t be sold, Nigeria did this process on like others countries of the world as well.is a figure helping you to identify If a person belongs to a particular country.

In some cases, apart from it tight and vigilant security attached to it, it also help the government to easily identify who and who are into criminal activity in the country.

Not that all, it serves as second way of knowing how many people a country is having, a second party to censor.

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NIN have every protective means you need to protect your either your business, staff’s or one self from been scam by those deadly humans among us in the community.


Having your NIN is quit simple, all you need do is locate any nearby government approve location in the country that are authorized to carry out this activities and register.

It’s takes just 2 week’s for you to have your NIN done, and after this you can link it with your network. Every network has it own code for the attachment of this useful digit number with your Sim card.

The Nigerian government made this wise choice for the purpose of them to Safeguard the details, money and to help her citizen be free form scam.

The introduction of NIN has reduced the county crime by 80%, and currently it has also added more security to the citizen’s online informations.

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