Why Most Nigerian Youths May Not Be A Salary Earner Any Moment Soon.

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Why Most Nigerian Youths May Not Be A Salary Earner Any Moment Soon.

Why Most Nigerian Youths May Not Be A Salary Earner Any Moment Soon.

To me, this has been one of the prediction that is actually and gradually coming to existence in the nearest time, as many Nigerians youths may not be involved in salary work in other to earn a living anymore.

Technology has exposed the youths of Nigerian and people of the world as well to many things and how they could Invest or make money online than ever before, compare to when they where blind of those things.

Sometimes I do observe how things are been done within the Nigerian youths, you will get to noticed that even those that are working still have one or more online investment which help support and act as back up to what they get at the end of the month.

Most of the vibrant young men of Nigeria, love anything that has to do with online investment, apart from that they also have that character that help some of them in becoming either, a blogger, investor, trader, YouTuber, or even dealing with talent such as comedy and so on.

If you come across any of the Nigeria youth anywhere in the world, what that love doing most in making and investment that will surely or definitely brings them hug some of amount at the end.

Working under a boss or company for many years without an achievement of goal is one of the most useless thing a month paid job can be in affection to human life, you pay rent, water bills, and some amenities needed for a living, do you think earning monthly will be something that can erased those years from your years?.

This are some of the perfect reasons Why Most Nigerian Youths May Not Be A Salary Earner Any Moment Soon, a prediction that has already started taken over from the start of 2015 till date. Going online, you will fine out that, this youths prefer losing more strength and stress on either trying to earn from online directly or indirectly.

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What am I saying, this prediction of many years ago is gradually approaches, just like some days ago when an Instagram blogger sent me and email asking of my opinion to make a repost of one of my picture, which will all agree and at the end, he sent me his price list which I picked one out of it and paid him for that.

Now you see what am saying, he prefer doing this self employed business than going work under person or boss. In this case, I can say he is now enjoying his earning online even if the starting point was little, what matters is that he is earning from his daily online business.

As time goes on, his daily 10 dollars earning it will all increase by hard work of him getting much customers, if I most confess I was actually pleased with the service he render to me because after the repost I gained at least 2,000 followers from him.

The more technology establishment we have in the world, the more the youths will be exposed to things that will attract into earning online, this has never been a bad idea as if I may say. YouTube to the Nigerians and with my observation is among this money earners online that has helped youths earn large online and keep them busy thinking of new ideas to comes up with.

I hope you are getting my point or the reason I said “Why Most Nigerian Youths May Not Be A Salary Earner Any Moment Soon”, don’t worry you will get to understand as we align gradually down and if you understand all the above tips, kus to you.

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No let see the reasons why salary or monthly earning may not be relevant or more active in the nearest future.

1 . YouTuber:-

It pays and requires a lots of hard-working to become a YouTuber, but once you are opportune or quality to meet you with their requirements, that means you have automatically becomes a YouTuber and ready to earn from your YouTube channel.

That’s not all, the earning start gradually and for you to earn large in the YouTuber community you most need to pay close attentions what fans love must and with that you are aiming high on the ground.

2 . Blogging:-

This has paid many Nigerian youths of today including me myself, the sell employed business is one the most trend business right now Nigeria, you can actually star your target with small capital, like blogging where help before to place advert on you site and get paid at the end.

Majority of the youth in Nigeria are into this cool online business, although has it own kind of stress much different from when working under a boss or company and expecting to get paid in return, while you can actually be your own boss, this consideration has made a lots of youth to get involved on this online business.

3 . Bitcoin:-

Trading of Bitcoin has won most majority mind not only in Nigeria but the world to be precise, the hug gaining from this business made a lots of people to invest on it after they are able to put together money or funds for a starting.

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Bitcoin has it rising and falls time, let assume 1 Bitcoin as of this morning is 3 dollar which is approximately 1,144.50 to Nigerian naira, then the next day it rising to 9, times 3 of what you but it, when reselling you will earn much more than than the more you spend in buying them.

No can you see the reasons why, the Nigerian youths many likely to stop working under a boss or company any moment soon. The risk you take helps you to become why you want to and the youths prefer this over monthly earning or salary of I may say.


Amy moment is gradually coming to reality as many people or youths widely has taken the heart and habit of investing their time and energy online rather than working under a boss or company which salary or earning my not be enough at the end of time.

Technology has opened the eyes of everyone and same time teaches them what to do when it comes to investing in an online business. The youths prefer this stress over jumping one buses to another for the sake of them going to work to earn a living.

Some online investors, bloggers & Bitcoin traders has much money right now than they company they where once working for.

This comes to an end on our todays article of knowledge, I hope you enjoy it, all we need from you after reading through, don’t forget to hit the share and like button in our site. Thanks So Much.

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