What Lead To A Failed Carrier And How To Come Out Of It Here In Nigeria.

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What Lead To A Failed Carrier And How To Come Out Of It Here In Nigeria.

What Lead To A Failed Carrier And How To Come Out Of It Here In Nigeria.

A lots or many of people has failed there generation massively, not because they wished but because that spirit of them chosing the right carrier here is Nigeria is really weak.

I observe that this is one of the problem while some, music carrier, business carrier and a lots more failed, this has nothing to do with money of financial status but the failure to choose the right carrier has lead many to this.

Let just assume, you where born dance and you are doing well and get appreciated when show casing yourself to the public, but you seemed not consistence with your own given talented.

Now you want to copy either a friend who singer or a popular musician who does some attractive things on stage or television to crap people attention, can you now see that you are going out of your carrier lane, despite both been an entertainment.

The failure to know the worth of value of yourself has and will lead you and other’s doing this same mistake to failed carrier. Nothing hot this much that after you have failed, and people begins to tell you on how the appreciate your move as a dancer.

Same thing lead to business men or women as Well. Most times jealousy is one of the thing behind the failure of a failed carrier here in Nigeria. Because your neighbor is making much sells than you with his or her kind of business type, and

You sees that business as one of the most successful one you too can do, then you jump into that business too to start selling thinking you will make a sell like hirs or he.

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There’s what we call business ideas and strategies, do you what the strategy he or she is using to make sell no, you have definitely failed those who believe in you by jumping from one sources to another, this is called a Failed Carrier Here In Nigeria.

From generation to generation, we do experience this failed carrier, remember I told you it has nothing to do with money or financial status but a the heart or desire to chose the right carrier and be stable on it.

At times even though some people’s own mostly is affected by money or finance, the question is, are you doing the right thing or you just like the habit of copyright, like adopting another’s person carrier or vision thinking it going to favour”s you.

You see another issue here. Just like in music industry today, many people are doing music because they has the money, the continue question am still asking is, does that suits your life, does people appreciate your doing and how are you doing over that copyrighted carrier.

This issues will continue as long as many of you don’t know what you really want as a carrier. Choosing a carrier is not hard, you make a choice of a carrier depending on what you want, and sit back watch how you flow perfectly with it.

Do you think Jealousy, Consistency and Copyright can lead you to a failed carrier in Nigeria, and how does this things makes you end up in bad regret.

Infact you can feel out of this world with a jealous, Not content and copyright carrier, you can’t do it better than those people you are copying from, make you schedule and build yourself in a different way.

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I want us to look into the situation or what lead to failed carrier here in Nigeria and what to do to avoid been a dead man when choosing a carrier.

_1 . Consistency:-

You are a type that, today you want to dance tomorrow you want to sing and next tomorrow you are selling bottle water as a business person.

Smiles, in physical expect of it, you are stressing yourself and in other wise you are confusing the lion in you known as inner man on what to do and making him feel as if he is responsible for your failure.

No the truth is, you are not focusing or doing the right thing. That inner man in you allows you choose a particular thing, same time stands to support you when you are following the chosen carrier.

2 . Jealousy__

If you are the type that has jealous heart, you move from one carrier or business to another and yet you are not making the appropriate appearance of yourself, you are said to be jealous and not stable on your carrier.

When you are not giving yourself that right carrier, like I said you move from one thing to another, you can’t be who you are supposed to be simply because you are jealous of other and want to be like them.

Jealousy is a enough and powerful weapon to kill a carrier, misuse a carrier and make you end up in tears, when you are supposed to smile on the way.

3 . Failure To Appreciate Yourself:-

You failed in you carrier because you are not appreciating the inner man you. You chose something else aside from you own carrier because you sees other make better wave in the carrier.

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We are blessed with different stars, abounding your star to shine under the influence of another person canopy is the worth situation anyone could ever think of when of comes to appreciation of self doing.

You inner man will definitely be confused, because you are not focusing on a partner goal, and how can it help you achieve this when you move from one destination of carrier to another like a hunger lion.

4. Copyright

This category contain all the above listed categories, but we still have to list it out so you get to understand why many people have failed in their carrier recently.

Like I said in above written words, you are jealous of what others does and your mind tells you, you supposed to be the person doing what other person is doing, sorry you are riding to failure.

What that person is doing may have take him some months or year’s to learn it, so why do you want to suddenly kill your carrier with your own hands because of copyright to be like others. Copyright of others carrier or doing has much contribution to failed of carrier in Nigeria.


To be that person you wish everyone to look up to, you need avoid the part of copyright, jealousy, and be content with your lane if carrier, the most important part, don’t fail to appreciate yourself doing.

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