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What Effects Does Environment Has On Human Life In Nigeria.

What Effects Does Environment Has On Human Life In Nigeria.

What Effects Does Environment Has On Human Life In Nigeria.

We have made our quick reviews concerning the blame and challenges mostly children are having about environmental dffects on humans life today.

Like we Nigerians, we believe when a person or child is not doing well, the problem comes from the environment or where the person lives or stay.

When it comes to a case like this, everyone has his or her own definition to that, the way you give yours maybe different from how I table down mine.

Like I said from the top, mostly children in believe of some people’s though if he or she is not doing well, that means the problem comes from the environment. Many of your forgot that, even of you live in the most recent place in the world, if you don’t have self control on how to do things, you will still end up blaming a person for your failure.

Remember we are aligning on the topic What Effects Does Environment Has On Human Life In Nigeria?, And I forwarder lay down above an explanation to make you understand how it works. Some people will say, I don’t like leaving in a particular place that it may coursing damages to me or my children.

Now ask yourself, what knowledge are you putting yourself or then through, yes environment in which we live in also has it own effects, but we are the ones living in how we control it do matters. But if you allow the environment controls you, it still left all big time for you.

To me, I believe a self discipline of how you does thing’s matters and it well appreciated thank putting the blame on the environment alone. What if those people who live or sleep under the bridge but still have a good saying at the end, does it means the where doing fine that you living in a mansion.

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Environment that will live in may have 30% effects on Human Life, this is because of due to some situations like maybe a person is poor or can’t afford a good life better which he wish or expect to.

I came to understand that, most times if you are a person of good feature, the environment in which you are living for the main time has no contribution why either you are determined to becomes rich or poor. Here in. Nigeria, when some or a lots of people believe fails, the hit the blame on environment in which they live.

Now what about your own self, how to you control yourself from thing’s you don’t need as a good person that has a vision, what have you done to adjust the effects not to take or have any negative saying in you?.

Humans are entitled to decision making, things that happen in their lives and what they control. Living in a rural area doesn’t mean you are out of the world, but your decision on how you live best in what you will be at the end of time.

On today’s article of What Effects Does Environment Has On Human Life In Nigeria, we are going to look at the ways of adjusting things and not putting all blames on environment why we ourselves are not discipline enough.

1 . Behavior:-

Remember I told you that Environment has only 30% effects on human, why the rest 70% on human, either adults not children depends on how we handle things, either to become negative or positive on us.

Even when chasing riches or wealth, the ways we lay down our trips concerning it do matter a lots. If all the blames are being put on the environment, what about the human unacceptable characters that lead most times to failures.

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You are but the type or kind of person that accept simple corrects, then after your failure you blame the environment, why do you allow environment controls your inner man, it’s now 50/50.

2 . Things We Do:-
What are those things you do engaged in every daily activities, have you asked yourself if those things or how those they have negative or positive responds on you.

When putting all blames about child or human failures in environment, think about those stuff you are doing that is not beneficiary to you. Ask questions to know why you not meeting up.

Most time’s people get engaged in things that turned them down because of that they saw or have being seeing, good they are ways you can adjust this things depending on you.

3 . Plans:-

Even if you live in one the most expensive place in Nigeria, if you don’t plan or make a plan for yourself, you won’t be able to compare or compete with other’s who have plans and discipline.

Although environment that favours you may not seem that favorable to other person, but they ways in which you put or treat them has a good part to play when it comes to plans.

A lots of the billionaires you hears or have knowledge about in the world today, E.G Elon Musk the ceo of Tesla car manufacturing company who is the current richest man in the world now as of 2021 result, Aliko Dangote the richest African man from now with a lots of food production companies and many more started somewhere not even better than where most of you stays.

4 . Discipline:-

I have been mentioning this without resting, environment in which you live in has 30% effects on you which can be control, but you way of life, discipline and thing’s you does, mostly here in Nigeria do matters a lots.

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Living in an Urban or Rural area without you making a better plans and disciplining yourself on thing’s you things you should do, will still make you end up looking for a person or probably laying down your blame back to the environment.

In this case, you have totally forgotten that how you discipline yourself have enough and good reasons for you to become either successful or a failure.


After reading this, I hope you have now understand the effect of environment that is has only 30% either on success or failures, that why when people complains I try to get to the roots.

Behavior is another thing that has contribute to environmental effects, if you living in a rural area which many believe to have effects and you don’t control yourself behavior, sorry you are missing out and this can affect you.

Same thing like “Thing’s You Do”, and a type that reject corrections you will be affected, now you say it the environment forgotten things you doesn’t too matters.

Without planing and having self discipline, the effects of environment mostly the had expect of it here in Nigeria will definitely affects you, because you have accepted it by not making plans and having self discipline.

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