Ways To Choose A Good Friend You Can Share Your Pains With

Ways To Choose A Good Friend You Can Share Your Pains With

Ways To Choose A Good Friend You Can Share Your Pains With.

Making of friends or playmate is an agreement between two parties, but when you chose their wrong person or company you end up been disappointed because you may be involved in a heavy heart break.

We all deserve a partner, but the question is how do you get a good partner that will understand you during hard time and time of need. When I talked about partner, it doesn’t not only mean a man and a woman, same gender can make a responsible and good friendship in other to help and have each others back.

There are some friendship that will lead you to the pit, while some will be a friendship of good memories and thing’s you can remember about each other’s.

Your kind of friend or the partner you keep around you determine if you will be happy or things will get worst having them around I’m your life.

People make mistake and learn from others but your kind of partnership or friends you keep determine if you will learn from them or if both of you can learn from others.

Friendship is one of the secret shared zone in the world, because most things you create I’m your world can be shared to your friends, most time’s friends are more closed when sharing thoughts than even family members.

Friends have much and better attribute to look at for when chosing who to be with, you can’t just let someone in to your life without knowing who they are, that’s why is very advisable to study the character of your friend or friends.

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80-90% of activities been carried out by us or human are said to have at least 7% precent of advices from the people around us, and those people are best described as our friends, they even know is more and better than any other person who could think of.

Friends can lead us to a great path and same time lead us to where we can be a victim of things we never plans of, the people or person we keep as our friend really matters, if you mingle with a bad company even if you don’t get involved in what they do, you will be see as one because people or human believe in actions they see.

In Africans ways, we are best described by who will mingle with, the things we do and mostly with imagination the kind of person or people who have in our life, to tell you the truth this set of people called friends are the best description of who we are.

Friends are people we keep special in our lives, people we share our pains with, without having any forms of fear, but the most horrible part we are actually looking at is, does your friends worth been in your life, how do you handle this if things turns out to be something we don’t expect.

Let me remind you this saying “Dress The Ways You Should Be Address” this lies on friendship as well, if you keep a set of people that are wayward, even if you are not of their type, you will will be address like those people around you, that’s why you have to be careful in this situation of chosing friend or Way’s.

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I will also like us to talk about about the attribute of good friends and how you can know if your friend is a good friend or not, this will help you stand out from others.

Here Are The Few Attribute You Should Look At For.

1. Advice
To know the kind of friend you have, the first ads lies on the advice you are getting from them, a good friend will oppose you when ever you are taking wrong decision but when you have a bad friend or friends, what ever you do doesn’t concerns them.

Here should be where you pay major attention to most, don’t be drive away by the little merriment you shares in a second, also try to look or check if your problem can be solved from their ideas or within theirs thoughts.

2. Pleasure

Don’t keep a friend who only derived pleasure from you without, friendship is another set of a Brother hood where both or more parties are expected to pour out their mind and give ideas to each others when it very necessary to.

You have to watch out when playing this rules so you won’t fall a victim of bad company keeper, a lots of people have been sent to prison and some in trouble because of they kind of companies they keep so far.

3. Reactions

When you have issues as little brief above before,how does your friend or friends react to this, their reactions to you when you have a problem/issues shows if the really care or just keep you because of what they derived from you.

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Friends are back bones of each other’s, without this friendship are nothing, in times of trouble the people or person who comes for your rescued is been consider as you friend.

4. Talks Of Great
Most friends offers a little and expect much from you, those sets of friends are been consider as seeker’s who only need from you.

You will have to be careful of them, not to be a victim because if you do most or some of them may leave you in a grave yard when you need grace to survive.

Some years ago,two friends where living together having one unfaithful and the other one faithful, the other unfaithful one have something tangible he was looking for from the other side.

5. Help
This is just like the finalization of others write up above, when making friends think of people or person of intelligent, don’t make fellowship with a wayward people they may or have nothing to contribute.

Helping each other is one Lifestyle we all adopts from others as friends, but when this category is not included, that means the rules of friendship is not properly played.

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