Victory And Things You Need Know About Burna boy & Wizkid Grammy Award.

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Victory And Things You Need Know About Burna boy & Wizkid Grammy Award.

Victory And Things You Need Know About Burna boy & Wizkid Grammy Award.

Finally the Nigerian music stars and afro singers has returned home with the internation award which they have been wanting for a while now.

The victory became so massive, as this young stars has returned home finally with the Grammy, Nigerians has been celebrating this success on all social media because after some few nominations, they both finally made it home with Grammy Award as expected.

Although a lots things that has been exposed then, this shows Nigerian music industry is gaining more than we ever think for them to have bring home Grammy after so many have been nominated but fails to take it home.

Now what I can say is that, this is one of the biggest achievement in Nigerian entertainment world let me say, because officially, among all our young hit stars in Nigeria, someone who has that brave and mighty knowledge (sorry permit me to say say so) has finally made us proud by bringing the awards to our music shrine here in Nigeria.

One of the person who could have win this Grammy Award for long is tabled to be Wizkid, but after so much effort, it seemed things are not placed on the right place, except yesterday the 14 of march 2021 where he bravely won the Grammy at last.

In form of appreciation to Wizkid, the Grammy came from his international collaboration in 2019 Brown Skin Girl, an officially presented track from Beyonce album “The Lion King”, which the video finally brought about this massive award to star boy Wizkid.

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Talking about International collaboration, Wizkid has much work with foreign musicians like Drake, Beyonce and so many others which you may need to know about him if only you can fine time to go through his biography and music background.

Yes remember we are talking about Burna boy and Wizkid who just won the Grammy Award yesterday, this also gives you an opportunity to know things about them, as we are going to aligned in few details those things you should or need to know about this hero’s.

The dream many stars Worldwide is to acquire the Grammy Award, but in some cases, is just like a dream or nightmare to them because the need more efforts and quality before they can get into this category.

For any person to win The Grammy Award, that means he ore she has been doing or has done great job both in the past or presently that seek and call upon the nomination of they person, as Burna Boy and Wizkid are one example of those people you should know.

Although bit like the rest are not trying their best, we don’t want to make anyone feel less privilege or important, but our reasons for this article lies on hard-work of the people, how you sell yourself out as an entertainer due natters a lots, remember like I said, Burna Boy and Wizkid are that one example you should look up to.

Wining Grammy is not a child’s play, anyone who has this awards deserves a louder and heavy appreciation for his or her good work then, looking at the this two persons, Burna Boy and Wizkid, you will understand this hero’s have gone International and are still seeking hard for more recognition.

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For the year 2021, Grammy Award from this two

stars, are most talked and celebrated happiness currently in Nigeria, the journey which requires thousands miles has just began for both African Giant and StarBoy Wizkid.

Things You Need Know About Burna Boy And Wizkid And The Category That Won Them This Awards.

  1. Wizkid Starboy:-

AyoDeji Balogun, a Nigerian recording star who has amazed the Nigerians finally yesterday the 14 of march 2021 after a long journey of fighting for this pretty cool award.

Ayo as the name implies owned the current label in Nigeria known as Star Boy record, with some signed artist under him who are also doing great in other to always serve his fans more better and good.

He gained access to the Grammy Award yesterday the number 14 is march 2021 as the Best Music Video with Brown Skin Girl which happens to Beyonce single featuring him From her album The Lion King.

Officially abd without more stress, Wizkid has made it into the history, as he finally gained or joined Nigerians who have won the Grammy Award so far.

  1. Burna Boy (African Giant & Odogwu):-

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, who happens to be Burna boy also hit on the go and became the first Nigerian artist to win Grammy Award from his self made work from the nominated category “Best Global Music Album” which feature others but have him as the winner.

Burna according to online reports, is a 29 year’s old star, the current owner of Grammy Award, as yesterday was accompanied by friends and family, according to him who where all present at the Grammy Award which happens he won a Single and a best category from them.

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I think, this will motivative him to do more, because after some failed collection of the awards with nominations, he finally meet with his dreams.

The people’s culture made us to understand that, once you are successful on a particular thing, that becomes your target abd number focus because at all time is still going to work for you and that continuously.

Now I hope you have that great details about our Nigerian young Grammy Award Winners as aligned one after the other by our expert.


Wining Grammy Award, most especially as a Nigerian is not an easy task, but in this case after hard working, Burna & Starboy has made it to the to top headline by bringing it home to Lagos Nigeria, where the music festival mostly take place in Nigeria.

This shows, anyone work harder than expected could win Grammy as well. Thank You For Reading Our Today’s Topic Victory And Things You Need Know About Burna boy & Wizkid Grammy Award.

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