Trades Nigerians Learn After Secondary School.

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Trades Nigerians Learn After Secondary School.

Trades Nigerians Learn After Secondary School.

We always comes with things that need to be known in the society, and today we are heading to know those trades that Nigerians learn or get involved in after second school.

Trading learning in Nigeria serves like an endorsement deal because after your 6 years of school you are advised to get something useful doing so you won’t fine it difficult why heading to high institution.

To my own self, I love the ideas of every Nigerian after secondary school to learn trading, in high institution you are allowed to do what ever you feel like and you met get carried away with those eye catching things, they only time you have to learn this trade should be immediately after your SSCE.

It helps you also while in higher institution to get things easily done, maybe like paying of school fees and more as you think. This habit of learning trade after second school is one the best and serious decision Nigerians has taken so time on.

I can say, the trade learning that Nigerians get involving in learning after school has change some few things like them expecting school fees to be paid by their parents. The Nigerian parents new it very well they a child that has learned trade before embarking on higher institution has less worry about how he or she will survive over there.

Making trade learning a tradition, I may confess is another way the parents or Nigerians have encouraged and tend to make more values of themselves. The trade leaner may not enjoy it while still under his or her training skills, but once you are done learning and starting having contract that pay massive, you will be more happy with life and do advice others as well to go into trade.

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They was a friend was a friend of mine who started learning how to “Sew” at the age of 7 years old from his uncle who happen to be his boss as well. Due to this family process, he wasn’t given much chances to go out as he did this all through his primary to secondary life, coming out today he is one of the professional fashion designer from his home town.

When speaking with him concern this, he told me that this was the only thing the parents can offer him then and he used this as opportunity to build himself and today as he speak he is self employed. He also made me under that, he hasn’t worked under anyone because he made the decision many years ago and his determination has come to pass.

Now why am I bringing out all this story, i really want you to know the benefits of you learning trade and this has made a lots of people independent and help them to care for their families as well. Learning of trade with a passion and determine heart can bring change into your life within a tinkle of an eye.

All you need is the passion to get this started, don’t worry at the beginning or seemed always hard but you will definitely starting enjoying what you have labour for when you are determined, serious and really make it a passion.

The Nigerian parents are very wise and determine that, after you work hard showing them you are determined about your trade passion, trust me you will get quick assistance from them which will also make you feel you have taken the greatest steps ever.

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Reading through this article, you will understand the reasons you need to learn trade and leave as you wishes without been a bounden to anyone, either your parents or anyone else.

Remember we are talking about Trades Nigerians Learn After Secondary School, and today we could be looking at this trader which will be list below.

1 . Fashion Designing_

Learning of this skills is really cool and best decision you can make as young Nigerian. This profession may take up to 5 year before you can graduate as a professional but aside from the years, if you have passion for it, in tinkle of an eyes you will making profit or money from it.

Even entertainment world of today can’t do without fashion, because fashion has made the world colourful so extracting it from the ground won’t be possible.

Just imagine you are given a contract as a fashion designer worth millions of naira and you accomplished them all, at the end you had a cool profit of let me just say 350k thousand, isn’t that amazing.. leaning of this trade is never a bad idea.

2 . Engineering:-

This occupation is mostly for the men, and although if the other gender as well decide to be a per taker it very possible because I have seen some female engineer who are very good.

This encourages you and also make you feel the impact of been independent, you tend getting something more important doing with yourself after secondary school, which will as well help in your higher institution.

Although not every has passion for this category, you for those who love the occupation, it very cool and a good one if I may say.

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3 . Stylist_:-

Stylist is another paid trade you can learn as new life beginner, the period of learning this if it seemed much should be at least 1 year.

Imagine you refused learning this, staying at home then after exhausting 1 full year you still have nothing to offer after your secondary school, you are really lacking or missing behide.

Stylist is just a simple trade that require not they much stress to learn, if the above once Seems hard on you, just give a try to stylist, learn both genders and you will understand where have you landed.


This are some few trade that Nigerians learn after finishing secondary school and the listed profession turns to be the most popular trade in Nigeria.

Apart from those skills making you self employed it independent, you earn from till the day you passed on.

It has it profit and gas keeping growing everyday and constantly. Thanks For Readying Through Our today topic Trades Nigerians Learn After Secondary School., Don’t Forget To Hit On The Share Button As You Leave.

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