The Source And Support Of Entertainment In African Culture.

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The Source And Support Of Entertainment  In African Culture.

The Source And Support Of Entertainment In African Culture.

First you will have to define the word “Entertainment” which simply means “The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment”.

This definition shows that in Africa culture, entertainment is supposed to be one number one priority because it doesn’t not only make you feel good and enjoy the moment, it also makes you and let go the past worries in your mind.

The quick attached of entertainment to the African culture has really made it more brighter, colourful and same time amazing and loving to deal with, compare to when it was just a celebration with 10% of entertainment then.

Now African enjoy 100% entertainment together with it her culture giving it the most and expensive look when celebrating it in different parts of the countries here in Africa.

While in Nigeria, we have the Calabar Carnival, yearly attended by millions of people around the world, sticking to a better culture and bring the best out of the people, making them feel that special person in them and telling them they have more values and useful to the community, country state and culture than they may ever think.

Ghana as well have there’s, it a culture that requires attends because it brings and present to the world watching widely the value of Africans.

Others Africans countries are attached and strongly members of this culture, because is let you explain and experience the past lives of our love ones like great-grandfather and the rest of the past generations.

Just like I recently said in up paragraph, it creates memories that others will read, get to know and have a better explanations to where they belong, that’s why we Africans have made it more values to us and attached it to 100% entertainment so that the storyline will have more upgrade and value to the past ones.

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Back it Calabar Carnival where I have attended so many times, this people have a colourful ways of celebrating this culture, they categories the culture into different part which include the likes of, Cultural Dancers, Cultural Singers, Cultural Foods and many more things
concerning the culture.

But in recent time it has added another flashy category but still the same ones been done since from it origin, just that it has and upgrade that’s why I said it has added another categories.

The sources I’d that, it has started for a very long time and the support lies on those bee accepted version of the upgrade which is making it more colourful than even before but still same line as it has started from the forefathers generations.

Before it has to do with only things made from the culture, like the cultural band, dancer and food, just like i listed before, but now the new modern age has made it to add more sufficient values like brining in the DJs, International musicians who per take in afro the converted cultural music genre and dancers who dances to the songs.

The Source And Support Of Entertainment In African Culture.

In what I have explained above, I can boldly tell you that, culture now has an upgrade to help the people understand it the more but things are still done in same Ways it has been happening before.

Like some of my co workers back then, once it celebration period, they will start preparing to travel to their various home, in other for them to go and catch some fun and learn more about their tradition and get see most things the just read on the books or novel.

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When they are finally back to work, hmmm i won’t hear any other thing than them telling stories upon stories how they enjoy themselves and have a great fun, the learning, how they where thought to cook their tradition food and listen to them will give me more inspection and information on what to write about when it comes to article writing in this way.

The modernization in our community and stage brought about the better upgrade of our culture, adding entertainment which is a general and most wanted fact of telling people who you are to it.

Talking about entertainment on it own, none human in this new age hate it has dislike this, die to this fact, we now have different kinds of entertainment and attachment to our culture which has it more colourful and done even in more proper ways like I said before.

Bringing in different musicians both International and locally to meet in a particular place, for the sake of culture and this also teaches them as human what to know and what they should have great impact in when it comes to culture and the rest you need know.

The combination of this two has, mostly the entertainment part where a lots of them will get to perform their various music or songs has made the rest picked interest in knowing what culture means.

Just like when you were in school, your teachers then thought you with black board charcoal, using white chock to write on the board for you to understand, then making an upgrade things has changed, we now have white board which shows how fast and growing the world has becomes.

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On their white board, the teacher used in a liquid flow know as maker to write on the white board. On a good day when flashing back to your past, you then tell the storyline to your children that during your secondary school day’s, you where thought with black board, but in their time, they are been thought with white board.

Yes this is exactly what we have been saying since, it call upgrade due to the modernization we are having, things need to change to give it a better colour in other to help The oldest tell the story of the past.

Just imagine things still remains the same since from 1960 when Nigerian got an independent till date, the oldest will have no story to tell because what you want to tell them about, is till same thing you met year’s ago and they still meet the same thing.

Entertainment has helped us to build and understand more our culture, the supports, merriment and the scene behind it that has been told through entertainment.

The Source And Support Of Entertainment In African Culture.

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