Reasons Why Musicians Release Extended Play Better Known As Album.

Reasons Why Musicians Release Extended Play Better Known As Album.

Reasons Why Musicians Release Extended Play Better Known As Album.

As a music lover, have you ever asked yourself this question the reasons why musicians released out an extended play, have you ask if it really matters or you just have a taste of what they present without knowing.

Don’t worry we are all learning, on today’s entertainment gist we could learn all or some tips you need to know about the main reasons why musicians released out album or extended play.

Now my let me open your known about the meaning of “Extended Play Better Known As Album” is the combination of different things in one measure or place, in terms of album, this serves as the coming together of all single standing tracks of an artist together to form one family, that’s what it called extended play or album because it has large numbers of singles track coming together.

Before you could ever think of been a music lover or having any star in your mind as singer, have you ask yourself why do the take at as times much time be giving out a single track or album which we are talking about, the stress and the time to dedicated to it.

For a person to be a musician or musical artist, it has a good rule to play, you will be thinking of giving out something new and constantly for your fans to be able to give a good rate of you.

Sometimes I myself do wonder too how this people comes up with much Joins track at once and make sells of it and people will be appreciating their efforts, yes I know it hard work and it pays that why I want us to look in the Reasons Why Musicians Release Extended Play Better Known As Album.

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After the release of this multi extended play, apart from the money aspect of it, do people really welcome this idea and this musician that released the album are they good on extended play or sound more cool on single tracks than album, is also a hard work to that pays at the end.

Album comes with different definition and understanding, apart from that it has a rewards that accompany it and this rewards or award is been offered annually for the sake or which or whose has done more better during the year.

On like the Nigerian artist, after working hard for single drop during the year, once it approaching end they also comes with an album containing the project the have worked on for the year. With this fans have found much love in supporting them and helping them vote worldwide so they could come out best for all reasons.

Remember where are asking the reasons why musicians drop or release out album, as some for this album contains at least 20 to 25 tracks which shows the musical artist has been working hard under ground for the presented success.

Let check out some cool reasons why musicians release extended play known as album;

1 . Budget:-

Don’t be confused when you see “Budget” as the first reasons why musicians release an extended play, it what they have also budgeted for. It actually means plans in terms of this, you can carry out what you do not plan or make a budget.

You budget as a musician has a lots to play when it comes in terms of you trying or planing to drop and album.

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That’s to say one reason why Musicians drop or release album is due to budget, if you are not capable you won’t think of and album because it a long term journey either.

2 . Fulfilment Of Missing Gap:-

An artist who has been outdated for long, for him of her t return into the music limelight you need a much more work to show that your been away was for a reasons.

Some of this reasons may include you working hard to achieve a greater success at same time assuring your fans that you have something special for them that’s why you went away for sometime.

For the time you have been away without releasing a single track, the album or extended play you comes up with, each of the tracks i side serves as fulfilment to the missing gap you left your fans with.

3 . Comes With A Rewards:-

Like I said, albums has it special offers and respect which accompany it annually, remember I told you this earlier.

Album is a special force that shows you are really or have really work had both past and present. In Nigeria, Olamdie is one of those artist who has created music history in the Nigeria music industry, he staying continuously on the limelight has brought a lost of respect and rewards to him.

He has spent roughly 10 years in the music industry and has 10 albums as well showing you how hard working he is. This is why I said we should align on why Musicians Release Extended Play Better Known As Album.

4 . Trigger The Musician:-

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Album is weapon that helps artist hit flaming on the market and be recognized more in terms of getting fame.

Example of Nigerian Musician that was trigger by his album is Omah Lay, the talented artist have been doing single tracks for long but couldn’t be highly welcome into the Nigerian music group, but as soon as he came up with a better recorded and well budgeted album, he was album to lift over other’s.

Album can take musician or at a distance in such away that most singles can do, but in some cases single has also blown many musicians as well but album serves best in terms of triggering.


Today we feel we should all speak out in what we knows best about “Album”, how it has Trigger the success of the musicians as well.

Many people don’t really have Knowledge about what album means, but we have explained this album and this could help you get more wisdom about the extended play.

I think that’s all we have to discuss today about entertainment or album, and some mentioned artists which where given as an example to it.

Thank you for ready today’s article on “Reasons Why Musicians Release Extended Play Better Known As Album”.

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