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Reasons And Courses Of Failed Marriages In Nigeria

Reasons And Courses Of Failed Marriages In Nigeria

Reasons And Courses Of Failed Marriages In Nigeria.

Naturally the life of every man or human is entitle to make a second choice of which he will forever be favour for the rest of his life.

Recently, we have noticed some mislead conducts and characters among the two human genders mostly in Nigeria that is cursing separation to both partner in marriage.

We could be proceeding into this areas where the failure of marriage here in Nigeria is coming from and ways that this things could possibly be adjusted.

In your own thinking or aspect, do you think or feel this situation can be handle or solve here in Nigeria as the news of failed marriages has become one of the terrible and hard feelings to bear in the state.

At times most people feel it cursed by cheating and what bring cheating into that home that lead them to go separate ways after been joined together as couples.

When this happens and you ask the course or reasons behind this, the two genders comes up with so many stories that even lead to confusion at the moment.

It’s very hard to identify who’s wrong when a matter like this most times do arise, the husband may be the one at fault but feel he is right because of his position in the family. The wife too may not agree to this and once the situation can’t be settle, separation comes in leading to different paths of the couple’s.

The modern age or civilization has introduced or opened the eye’s of many people into getting themselves quick made decision without them thinking of the affects or what it may cursed to the other partner.

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I grew up here in Nigeria to meet almost all the 6 wife’s of my grandfather, except the ones that passed away before I was born. I never know a joined couples could go a separate ways until I held in my life the fist one that got me shocked.

I was like, do things like this exist, how can this happen or who made this as law, because I never imagine things could change this way.

To me I feel the listed categories here are the reasons and courses of failed marriages:-

1 . Irresponsibility:-

In a marriage either the man or the woman, if anyone of them lack the process of taking up their responsibility, the pressure Will be too high on one person to carry as an individual.

If some alignment or adjustment are not made, it may lead to serious commotions between the two partner, at times this does not last long before separation cones in.

When we talks about responsibility, it not one person duty to carry on but the two genders living together, if one failed to carry out his or her, it becomes irresponsibility and this means the home if it going.

This gives 80% assurance that those couples may not last long with each others.

2 . Cheating:-

Smiles, this existing category in marriage now in Nigeria is one ot the common and easy way to failed marriages and the great courses of it.

As the name sounds cheating, is very very unbearable especially if it was the woman that was caught cheating on the man, this has broken apart at least 70% of failed marriages in Nigeria and still one of major problem here till date.

A cheating man or husband when caught could be forgiven by the woman and quickly let go of things, but 50 / 50 chances that when a Woman cheat in marriage here in Nigeria, that marriage is over for a life time.

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3 . Disrespect:-

When two people comes together to form a home, they are believe to respect and cherish each others as partners. If this quality is not involved in a marriage, I can assured you that marriage here in Nigeria will automatically not work.

Irrespective of gender in a marriage, respect should be one of the highly paid mind exchange between two people living together as couples. We take decision of having a second person in our lives so we could live together in peace, harmony and with respect.

Marriages in Nigeria has it doctrine, respect is assigned to be number rules and ones the both gender joined together as couples are losing or going out or the lane, it becomes terrible to bear and separation comes in, which in other way known as failed marriage.

4 . Lack Of Understanding:-

How has lack of understanding lead to past and present failed marriages here Nigeria?.

It has lead to this a lots, when you get joined together with somebody or someone who don’t understand what you are capable of doing, that means he or she does not your worth then.

Although before two can be join together as partners either by local or white way, we believe the two of them may have known for long and get to understand themselves, but when it turns out to be something else, hmmm that home won’t last long before it collapse.

5 . Insincerity:-

Why many marriages collapse today is due to this part of one partner in marriage not been sincere with other partner.

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A marriage that has insincerity is said to be full of lies and this is where cheating comes in. A partner who’s capable and confident enough to tell lies to the other partner is very much capable of cheating.

When talking about failed marriages in Nigeria, all the listed tips above has a deep relationship with insincerity. Because it only insincere partner in a marriage that can tell lies, cheat, be irresponsible, have lack of understanding, be a disrespectful partner and so on.

The reasons why we have 70% of marriages fold up in Nigeria for the past few years is because of all those untrust worthy characters commonly fund among couple’s today.


Reasons and courses of failed marriages in Nigeria can be adjusted if some of the characters that lead to it failures can be handle by marriage partners as well.

Ordinary Individual can’t really say much about this because he or she has does have the idea yet, but can aligned on it at least 80% because we learn from what we see daily.

Yes I agree failed marriages in Nigeria can’t be 100% stop, but there are some ways to adjust it and this can only be done by the two partner joined together.

If the reasons behind courses of failed marriages in Nigeria are to be Irresponsibility, disrespect, cheating, insincerity, lack of understanding, why not fine a way to amend those harmful courses.

It can only work, if we put this into practice.

Thanks For Coming Through and Reading Our Article On Reasons And Courses Of Failed Marriages In Nigeria.

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