Privacy Policy

Our Website is an informative and details saver, when you make or leave any comments on our site,we keep your information private and save.

We make sure none of your personal secret data is exposed to the public. The only public information we reveal about you is your comments, the rest made available data is hidden and keep save for your use only.

Comments On Our Site

After filling all the necessary information which will be shown to you, when inputing a commenting on our news feed, we collect data which has to do with you and keep them save.

Do We Exposed Your Email?

If you where imagining if we make your personal email address public when you comments on our site, we absolutely say no we don’t, all we do is by helping you get easier to comment next time is to save your email and all hidden from the public.

We Are Well 100% Save?

Yes, we are more saver than you may think. When making any data on our site, is under a 💯% assurance that no will get in touch with it.

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