Faces Behind Nigeria Music Entertainment Industry.

Faces Behind Nigeria Music Entertainment Industry.

Faces Behind Nigeria Music Entertainment Industry.

You may be wondering why we talk much about Nigeria entertainment industry why not U.S or the rest of countries of the world or Ghana, permit me to mention this country.

Well, a newspaper vendor can not sell out the ones he doesn’t has, that’s to say we speak much about thing’s that will have ideas on, that’s why we lay down much strength in giving you what is really happening in Nigeria entertainment world.

Today’s comes with new day, so we could be learning more about how the nigeria entertainment industry operate and the faces behind the Nigeria entertainment word that you may needs to know in case you don’t.

In every fantastic places of the world, there’s either a group of company or person behind the successful start and managing of that place, that’s why we will be enlightening you today about the ones behind the Nigeria music and lovely world.

This people comes with two faces known and unknown, the known maybe someone you also know why the unknown maybe someone you don’t have knowledge about, but don’t worry you will have the Knowledge of knowing those people from our today articles.

As you continue reading below, don’t forget to pay close attention so you will get to know those you haven’t know or seen their faces, it’s very important to know those before the success of your entertainment world here in Nigeria.

Some of this people are managers, some are labels owners, some are producer, video directors, artists and so. Those artists or celebrities you watch on television, they are been sponsor by a group of companies known as record label or sometimes and individual who is very capable of doing the magic all alone.

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For the past years, we have been watching on television numerous shows and artists perform without knowing the organizers or simply the one before their appearance, and very much sure not everyone can recap

when they meet someone like Emperor Gizzy the ceo of G Worldwide Entertainment, the record label that kizz Daniel was before he left and build his own now known as Fly Boi Inc.

Don’t worry much that’s why we have table down deep this article to help you in doing that, it hard to know but with our article you won’t fine it difficult knowing those wonderful people or let me say legend then.

In further details to this, we are also going to list them accordingly then with some useful informations you may as well derive to know how this people have contributed so much in the music house or world in Nigeria.

Let take a look at this “Faces Behind Nigeria Music Entertainment Industry” and what you may like to know about them.

1 . Don Jazzy:-

Even without telling you much, am very sure you know who Don Jazzy is. He is one of those music star that has moved a lots of artists from trash to come something, even up till date he still remains the one of the top Nigerian music icon offering much yearly help to upcoming artist.

Don Jazzy real name is Michael Collins Ajereh, 38years if age, a passionate music producer and label organizer here in Nigeria who has lifted up a lot of artists includes recent time.

Don Jazzy was the former leader of Mo Hits music group then consisting of Wande Coal, D Prince, D Banj who where together in the music group together before they separated along the way.

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Currently, Don Jazzy owns and manage Mavins record formed after the split of Mo Hits Music then.

2 . Emperor Gzzy:-

He real name is Festus Ehimare who a lover of music and has much passion in promoting and managing artists signed under him. He is the real man behind the success of a Nigerian music star Kizz Daniel.

I can say he is a real hero, because making someone stand out in public among trillions of people in this continent is never a day job, he has passion for it that’s why he made this happen.

Emperor Gzzy itself came Into limelight after the introduction of his beloved artist into the world, which later follow up with the likes of Sugarboy who follows with good promotion then. Gzzy is one or among this Nigerian music entertainment icon who have lifed the dreams of young men like Kizz Daniel and Sugarboy.

3 . Rexxie:-

For a cool period of time now, Rexxie has been one those talented music producer who has lifted the dreams of many artists by giving them a perfect touch production and helping them to be announced to the world.

Promoters acknowledge any music that is been produced by Rexxie, majority of Nigerian music artists has worked with him in other to have the thoughts of good music as we all expected.

Rexxie has uncountably helped a lot of upcoming artist to go viral in the state buy giving them perfect music production in affordable prices. He happens to appear among one of the great pillars behind Nigerian entertainment.

4 . Clarence Peter:-

A Nigerian based music video director, skillful and has taken high voltage in contribution to the success of the Nigerian entertainment industry or world.

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A high visual direct from Nigeria the ceo of Capital Dreams Pictures, renounced music and film video director with high passion of offering good quality and hit standard videos.

Clarence Abiodun Peters is a top music and film director and the face behind Nigerian entertainment industry, offering a better quality services and which at the end help artists in gaining access it a lots of awards.

5 . Dr Dolor:-

A Nigeria music lover and talent promoter Osadolor Nate Asemota better known by his business name as Dr Dolor is the owner of one of the top Nigerian music record label known as Dr Dolor Entertainment.

Dr Dolor is the boss of a Nigerian female music and Askamaya crooner Teni who gained access Into the industry about some years ago.

Later in November 4 2019, he also signed the present trending music star Hotkid who has been doing absolutely well in his music life, follows up with Afi Osha. Dr Dolor has really lifted the dreams of this mentioned current Nigerian stars, a brain and face behide the Nigerian entertainment industry.


In few words, we have all gone as we can to list some of the Faces Behind Nigeria Music Entertainment Industry and things you maybe interested to know about them.

The listed person here which includes the likes of Don Jazzy, Emperor Gzzy, Rexxie, Clarence Peter and finally Dr Dolor, has all contributed to the progress of Nigerian music world.

This contribution from this faces and brain include lifting of talent from trash, helping artists in music production and deals to artist which changes their lives and presentation of quality videos.

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