Different Between Travelling And Change Of Locations.

Different Between Travelling And Change Of Locations.

Different Between Travelling And Change Of Locations.

Naturally, we humans love to change location or destination, this is one of the reasons why we travel from one place to another in other to satisfy our body desire or want.

When traveling it certain you may come to the destination you left, maybe you had to go a distance for something important, but when you change a location that means you need a new atmosphere and you have decided to go for a new maybe more better up environment then.

In our present world of today, we exchange locations in other to feel the other side of the world if I may say. For examples foreigners leaving their birth land or country and travel 1 millions metres away in other for better change or most times for money goods transaction purposes.

Travelling has been part of learning since from the origin or existence of human being, just like we exchanging place if leaving, telling your next come to my own place let me go yours and if accepted by others party, yes the deal is done.

Sometimes is confusing when you ask a person who want to travel his or her reasons, they always said I just feel I should have a change of location. Its some how complicated hearing this, and the hearer will be like are you coming back or a permanent change you mean, then he or still coming, they will the said I just want to go feel the atmosphere of another place.

Don’t worry, it’s always complicated hearing this, that’s why we have comes up with this topic to make you understand the perfect or cool different between this two. In my own sincere when you are traveling make a person to understand you want to travel and when you are giving a change in permanent relocation, also make them understand.

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For example of how this works, when a Nigerian wealth man is traveling to other part of the world for a business or just to have fun, he will make it clear that this is the reasons why am traveling. Same thing to when he want to make a permanent change or relocate to other country, he will make it clear to you understand that he is no more going to be the citizen of this country.

Let me align on this article Different Between Travelling And Change Of Locations issues using my own ways together with my own knowledge and understanding, traveling is one part of exercise recommended to every human being here on earth, when you, travel you becomes more experience in things around you how to manage and be able to as well benefits from them.

It’s always has it more profitable experience when you travel from one place to another, either within the country or around the world, a similar situation to change of environment but you are coming back your starting point that’s just the issue.

No you see the clear thoughts about this, when you travel you learn, just like I stated above, it helps in building your inner man and giving you experience about those things you knew nothing about. I have seen a situation where by a person travel, somethings a group of people just to go and have knowledge and fun within the state, the big difference there is that, they will definitely comes back to where they left behind.

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When you talk about change of location, you are also saying you need new environment entirely, a different atmosphere to live in compare to when you travel and return to your where you left behind. When you change location to a new place, what you can say is that,

you will get it to more about the new place you have relocated to, study things around and have yourself enjoy the new environment then.

Don’t get this wrong, you also will learn from you new location which in few time no one will be able to compare with you in terms of this. Changing location is quit different from traveling but somehow comes in with relative thoughts and things to learn as well.

Just like a Nigeria man who person who travel to have knowledge about others country, in some relative character he changed an environment or location but coming back to his usual living ground means, he still lives in that same place as he only take a break for a while.

Then coming back, you couldn’t found your neighbor they both of you do lives together, and you where told he has packed out. Do you know what that means, he made a permanent change of location which means he is not coming back to same place again can you see the clear different too.

You travel to have good knowledge about the world which is advisable to everyone and you returned back to your previous destination where you took off from, but he or she permanently move out of that environment to have the atmosphere of another land but still in the state or country.

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Now let see the two Different Between Travelling And Change Of Locations.

1 . When you travel, you will have to come back to your starting point or destination, you may as well enjoy the atmosphere of where you travelled to but definitely you will be back, just like a saying which says “Home Sweet Home”.

But when you change a location, that means you did not just travelled you also have a permanent change of atmosphere, opportunity to stay with new people and also make a new friendship too.

2 . You learn both in traveling and change of location, but one seemed permanent while the other is temporary which means you will definitely comes or return some day.

Change of location if it happen you go let went back to your former place of living, permit me to say this you are just paying a visit, you have automatically joined the group of travellers who will definitely returns to the various destination after mission accomplished.


This two have similar characters which many couldn’t identify but all has it benefits and stands as choice to make in terms of the person in charge of this.

Travellers travel and return back to his starting point best describe as destination while a location changer permanently move from where he or she is to another place entirely.

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Different Between Travelling And Change Of Locations.


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