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Can Total Eradication Of Poverty From The World Be Possible Or Just A Tire.

Can Total Eradication Of Poverty From The World Be Possible Or Just A Tire.

Can Total Eradication Of Poverty From The World Be Possible Or Just A Tire.

In our daily life and academy, the huge fight we daily comes across is the means or ways to eradicate poverty from our midst as human.

In some case most human imagine poverty can be totally eradicate from the midst of human, that’s why they keep requesting for a better and change of government to see if they can recover of some missing ribs.

In every country of the world, they are some less privilege people who live or mingle among the rich ones. But remember they are less privilege and this deprived them from having that total equal right with the rich ones.

The rich counts and thinking daily is for them to become richer, infact there’s wealthy competition in the world now that takes only the mercy or love to locate the less privilege or poor ones.

Poor are striving hard to become rich, why the rich are working more harder to get the whole millions and trillions into themselves. With this little explanations above, do you think, poverty can be totally eradicated from the surface of the world.

The earning of the rich rotate round themselves and still comes back to them who have it. The penny that drops off are the little the poor get at the end of the day, which I will say it will never be okay for the less privilege, rather having them to manage to survive.

Mind you am not blaming or saying the rich do embezzle all the wealth or money for themselves. It’s already signed in the nature to have the poor and the rich people. Same time, the poor are not happy with their position, that’s why they are working hard to get themselves a better life.

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To my own self, and looking from the corner side of this topic “Poverty Eradication” I believe something can be done but same time the eradication can’t totally comes as we want.

This is one of the thing you should know, even if wealth is given to every human being on earth freely as they want or wishes to, they are some set of people who are naturally lazy that even the scope of managing thing’s seemed hard to them.

Eradication of poverty can be or may not be possible as far as this has started from the beginning or origin of the world, permit me to use this word.

We are all learning on how to amend this, but how do we go about it, should we call the present of each other’s on how to make a change. And will the change commence after the law has been made.

Like I told you before, the constant change of leadership or government in a state or society is for the betterment of life, and same time ways to eradicate poverty.

But since this continues change, things has not really come in place like the world or audience want or wish to. I can say the much rate of poor or less privilege people we have in the world do effects the rich as well.

May reasons are because, when a rich want to invest or do anything for using his wealth, Maybe like donating to the Charity home, he will only reach out to the once he can, but many may sees him or her as bad person not knowing the actual high rate of poverty do effects them or him too.

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Let’s take a look at some possible ways we can amend or work on eradication of poverty from the world but not it total eradications.

1 . The Government Should Invest On The People:-
Yes this will also help to reduce the high rate of poverty which is coursing or making the public to call for eradication.

It can only be reduced at the rate of 40%, but poverty can’t be totally eradicated from the surface of the earth or world. Now thinking about this, the government are fight to eradicate poverty as the public requires but same public keep adding more by birthing more children knowing so well that things are not in place as they want.

2 . Reduction Of Birth Rate:-

Like I just mentioned above, much increase in birth of children do have contributions and have effected the eradication of poverty that even the government now fine it difficult to solve the problem.

Let just assum when a total numbers of citizens (1,224,345) million is been presented to the government by 1st January 2021, to work on it country or state eradication for the period of 1 year.

Any by January 1st 2022 which is approximately 1 year of the budget to be fulfilled, and the government noticed the presented numbers have increased twice the figures, they will be a huge commotions or predicament in solving eradication in that country or state.

3 . Reluctant Of The Citizens:-

Now you see another problem why I said earlier that poverty eradication can only be amend or adjust but can’t be 100% eradicated as we wish or want.

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When the country or state leaders are working hard or the wealthy people of the state, and they comes some lazy youth who have less contribution to the state development that will help eradicate, are also reluctant about their little contribution to help in doing this.

I don’t wish, but am telling you poverty eradication in such area can only be solved only 10%. They reasons is because they little effort of needed people are not present as expected.

On our todays topic: Can Total Eradication Of Poverty From The World Be Possible Or Just A Tire. We expect you to learn more form here.

Now you see some ways the government or citizen can adjust the eradication of poverty in the country or state.

Is has only ways of amending them, but the total eradications of it will never comes through as 100% wish, not that am been heartless, permission to say this.

Citizens as well have their various parts to okay when it comes to eradication of poverty form a state or country. Failure to comply is one of the things we have been facing for a very long time now.

Thanks for coming and reading through our Wonderful article of today title “Can Total Eradication Of Poverty From The World Be Possible Or Just A Tire”.

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