Afro And Others Types Of Music Genres In Nigeria And Africa.

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Afro And Others Types Of Music Genres In Nigeria And Africa.

Afro And Others Types Of Music Genres In Nigeria And Africa.

Since the beginning of music in Africa and Nigeria, the upgrade has keep coming because the people on this mentioned places love good music and mostly in afro way..

I can proudly say African has the second position in terms of entertainment in the world now, because of much love the young ones has developed to make the art colour and cool.

The genre of music in Africa has rotate round the space and now, Afro has taken over which many people now see as number one music genre, not because is the oldest but because of it ways of making lyrics simple to understand.

Others country in Africa here all has their various types of music but the common and most well known as of this age is the afro which has taken over compare to others genres of music.

This genres changes because of the new age ways of song presentation, but mind you the genre only changes but still have the others once like reagge active. African artists comes to love this genre more according to them because it has less stress.

We still have other types of music genre that are doing well, but to be truthful and sincere to you the leading King among them happens to be the Afro which at the ends of the year comes with a lots of awards and appreciate.

Africans, mostly the Nigerian music entertainment world in particular has adopted the habit of giving good prizes to the best afro artists of the year. Just like in recent time when a Nigerian afro music star Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Wizkid was Crowned the king of afro pop in Africa.

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We are bit here to hype any artists, but telling you reality about what you should know. Nigerian afro music stars like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Simi, Adekunle Gold and the rest have really taken the face of afro music large into the world.

A Tazania music star popularly known as Diamond Platnumz is also One of the African (Afro) music contribution. One of the most selling music genre in Africa today.

In Africa music entertainment like I always mostly Nigerian music industry, they do value artist who does this genre or type of music than other’s. In Nigeria for an upcoming artist to be recognized, you must be and afro music singer.

Not that Africans prohibit or disowned other’s types of music genre, but because it helps them understand your point quickly. Even if you are a rapper, make sure in rap on Afro ways, like we have cummercial rappers and singers.

The people do listen to what will be very easy for them to handle, they hate it when somethings seemed hard to them, that’s why they Afro music has finally becomes their best music genre so far.

As we proceed, we also going to look into the aspect of different types of music genre in Africa and Nigeria, then in the world as well, so it going to be a combination of all music genres that you need to know.

Permit me to aligned on this, during the reigning period of Lucky Dube and Bobo Marley, the most active and known music genres then was reagge, until this heros all passes away and left with no popular person to carry out the activities in terms of this music.

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But don’t get me wrong, a lots people still doing this types of reagge music up till date, but remember I said it not active or let me say strong unlike before compare the present afro genres which has taken over.

Now as we approaches deeply into the music life, I want us to look into the Afro And Others Types Of Music Genres In Nigeria And Africa and the world also.

1 * Afro:-
The afro type of music is been adopted by the Nigerians and Africans music entertainment industry, because of it simplicity to lyrics and lower stress attached.

Don’t get me wrong, this requires much it hard work as well but very simple to understand and follow up when been perform by the writer / singer of the original copy right content holder.

I can say it has it own kind of vibes that makes people to love it, and a newly type of genre compare to reagge or blues that has been known for long. It’s danceable and sometimes fast than others genres.

2 * Blues:-

Blues is another music genre that people loves to listen to, in all kinds of music genres as you know or what to mention, blues has that vibes that can settle and bring back a broken relationship.

This type of genre has it beat and production and performance different, you are not dancing to it, but making good self feelings abd explanations through it.

Blues is created for love sake, it define and speak mostly about love, the way in which is been vibes on has it different ways. The dancing looks some how like a robot dance, what I mean buy robot dance, it’s steps are always in slow motions.

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3 * Reagge:-

Some years ago before afro music took over, reagge was one of the music genres that people recognized and love very much. Even those artists who are into reagge have their dress code and look.

Although the music genre dropped down because of low available artists to handle it, the heros who owns this type of music some have passed away while some are no more into limelight.

Maje Fashek from Nigerian was among one of the reagge music star then, he live to see the change of music genre in Nigeria and Africa before his death.

Lucky Dube and Bobo Marley are also an example of reagge music singers, they where very popular and know before they will assassinated, but they did not live to see how the faces of music genre in Africa and Nigeria change letting afro to take over.

In Nigeria and Africa, we still have much music genres that a lots of people don’t know, but in this case, we decide guide you more about Afro And Others Types Of Music Genres In Nigeria And Africa.

We have more than we even mention in our article, but the present one here are very useful and the most popular once you should know.

Afro took over from other’s music genre because the Africans found more love in the genre due to it simple ways of presenting a situation.

African then Nigerian music industry yearly appreciate the best Afro music star by presenting out a special awards to the person or artists for good word done.

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